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Roulette is probably one of the more laid back casino games available around the world. It works on the system of picking the winning number that will appear on the wheel win it stops spinning. Your choices can also include combinations of numbers, colors, odds, and evens. The basic idea of the game is easy, but once you add in all of the other components of betting, it takes a little bit of practice to start finding your own system of betting.

Before you can play roulette, you need to know about the components of the game. Here we will take a look at what the game encompasses for play.

The Roulette Wheel
You will find one of two different types of roulette wheels in casinos: the American and the European style. There is a difference between the wheels and it has to do with the American wheel have an extra slot for numbers 00 through 36. The European wheel is numbered 0 through 36. The extra slot on the American wheel gives the house a better edge.

The Game Layout
Roulette was developed in France and the layout that we find in the casinos today dates back as far as 1842. There are actually two betting areas on at a roulette table: the inside betting area that contains the numbers that match the slots on the wheel; and the outside betting area which contains boxes that correspond with the colors, odd and even numbers, and other groups of numbers that be attained at the end of the wheel's spin. The numbers are arranged in 12 rows of three columns with 0 and 00 at the top.

Buying Into The Game
When you sit down to play, you purchase special chips for the game. Each player gets a different color set of chips so that there is no confusion who placed the bet. You can only use those chips at the table you are sitting at and when you cash out at the end of the game, the dealer will give you regular casino chips to cash in. You place your bet based on the tables minimum and maximum and you cannot combine your bets on the inside and outside table to meet the minimum bet. If you want to bid inside and outside, you must place two separate minimum bets.

How The Dealer Operates
The roulette wheel is to be kept moving at all times and that is the job of the dealer. They spin the ball in the opposite direction of the wheel and it will jump and spin for a period of time until the wheel slows down enough to call the winning number. Once the dealer places and pays the winner, the players can make their next bet.

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